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School Rules & Regulations

School Uniform

The school has established the following uniform codes for the school students. All students are required to come dressed accordingly and neatly to school. If attired otherwise they will be sent back home and penalties levied. Each student should have at least two pairs of uniform to enable them to attend school in a clean and tidy manner on all working days.

All students should wear full white uniform on Mondays. On all other working days the following dress codes will be observed.



Boys : White striped shirt with grey shorts

Girls : White striped frock and black shoes & black socks


Boys : White striped shirt with grey shorts

Girls : Grey pinafore, White checked Blouse, black shoes & black Socks

Matriculation & Higher Secondary

Boys : :

Classes VI to VIII :White striped shirt and grey full pant

Classes IXI to XII :Grey full pant & white striped shirt with belt

Girls :

Classes VI to VIII :Grey skirt with box pleat, white striped blouse.

Classes IX to XII :Grey salwar, white striped kameez & Coat.

Sports Uniform

Participants representing the school for any event will have to wear sports uniform. The students are required to wear house color Uniform for Sports Day function and Physical Education classes.

Code of conduct for Students


  • Students not in proper uniform will not be allowed to attend classes/special classes.
  • No exemption will be given to anyone except on religious grounds.
  • Students who come late to school will be marked absent and fined Rs. 10 per day.

If absent repeatedly, they will be suspended from the school.

  • No student can leave the school premises during the school session without the permission of the Principal.
  • Absence from the school during any period or part of the session without permission is liable for punishment and penalty.
  • Strict silence is to be observed during morning assembly, while going and coming from the class rooms, during Prayer and at the time of any meeting held in the school.
  • Loitering in the corridor should be avoided.
  • Home assignments and other daily work are to be done every day without fail.
  • English being the medium of instruction, students are encouraged to communicate in English in the classrooms with their teachers and fellow students.

Character Integrity

  • Students must be polite and respect their teachers and elders.
  • Practical jokes and bursting of crackers are not permitted in school.

Practical jokes and bursting of crackers are not permitted in school.

  • Indiscipline, disobedience and disrespect towards members of the staff despite repeated warning will be expelled from school

Sufficient warnings justify instant dismissal.

  • A student who indulges in cheating or malpractice in school tests or examinations will be suspended from school. If repeated the student will be expelled from the school.
  • Use of foul language and impolite behavior will be severely dealt with.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to bring in objectionable literature into the school.
  • No student should be a member of any external organization without obtaining permission from the Principal.
  • No student shall take part in any outside political activity without the knowledge of the Principal.

Campus Cleanliness

  • The students should keep the classroom and premises neat and clean.
  • Students should refrain from chewing sweets or gums in the classroom.
  • Waste must be disposed off in the dustbin or the litter boxes kept in the campus.
  • Pupils should always bear in mind the good name of the school

Note for Parents / Guardians we want your wards to be successful, so work with us

  • Send your child in a clean uniform to school on time.
  • Ensure that your child has completed his/her homework/assignments.
  • Dresses up in a clean and full uniform and comes to school on time.
  • Meet class teachers / HM / Principal at least once a quarter.
  • Schedule meetings in advance preferably after 3.00 PM.
  • Enquire, Sign and return any circular, answer papers when sent This is for you to know about your child’s progress.
  • Be concerned about the safety of your child. Please ensure that your child does not adorn Gold jewellery or bring any other valuable articles to school. The school cannot take up responsibility if anything is lost.
  • Do not send cash through your child to pay the fees.
  • Pay by cheque or pay by cash at the Karur Vysya Bank in the stated hours. Only the clerk at the counter of the office is authorized to receive the fees and issue receipts.
  • Pay fees on time and avoid penalties and suspension. Arrears of fees should be cleared before the terminal examinations. The defaulters will not be permitted to take their examinations.
  • Do not permit your child to carry a cell phone to School.

You may access the Alagappa schools website, to know about your child’s progress, School Activities, payment notifications, special class timings, General notices etc.

Kindly extend your co operation for the holistic development.

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