Alagappa School chennai


Alagappa School chennai

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

The Alagappa schools introduced a new dimension in educating and caring for toddlers in 2002.

The Umayal play school and day care center was founded to provide a friendly atmosphere for toddlers. Children learn best, when they participate in activity, or encouraged in what they do and are rewarded adequately. Learning and play seem to be two facts of the same reality. The activity of children may vary, but almost all self initiated activity of children is instances of play in their nature context.

The modern child when asked what he learned today, replies, ‘ nothing, but I gained some meaningful insights’ .

So children are made to play for:-

Play is given importance for it develops physical and motor co-ordination, social and emotional growth, cognitive growth, language and communication.

Our play school focuses primarily on the development of intellectual capacities in addition to memory power.

The Environment:

The school provides a convenient environment for children at each successive developmental plan where they have the tendency to nurture their work.

The Apparatus:

Young children are intensively attracted to the materials and use them spontaneously, independently and with deep concentration.

Whatever the circumstances of the situation may be, the wood pecker works tirelessly, uses his head and reaches the much to desired and developed goal.

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